Collaborative Approach

I have cultivated an extensive network of DEI practitioners, social justice educators, and activist-scholars with whom I work as thought partners and collaborators to impact social change.  My collaborative partners have a wide range of experience and contribute their functional expertise to my various projects and initiatives.




Jamie Bergeron is an experienced diversity and inclusion practitioner, consultant and trainer. She regularly presents, plans and consults with non-profit organizations, corporate teams and university groups dedicated to expanding their commitment to equity, inclusion and social justice. A long-time social justice advocate and educator, she spent over a decade working specifically to support institutional change efforts in university settings. Now, Jamie lends her expertise to teams seeking to create more inclusive organizations to serve their respective missions. She is passionate about fostering dialogue across difference and skill-building work to incorporate inclusion thinking into everyday work. Her facilitation style is interactive, reflective and aims to foster settings where open dialogue can take place for all participants.  She specializes in Cultural Awareness Programming, Understanding Identity, Social Justice Practice, and Professional Engagement Strategies. 


Jamie holds a Master’s degree from University at Buffalo in Higher Education Administration, with a specialization in Inclusive Leadership Practice. She holds a B.A. from State University at New York – College at Brockport in Spanish Literature and Language, where she became the first in her family to earn a college degree. She is also a Certified Human Resource Professional with Society for Human Resource Professionals, and a trained Title IX investigator for sexual misconduct. Jamie is very involved in her local community, serving as Board Chair for  COLAGE: For People with LGBTQIA+ Parents, and working closely with GLAD, MA LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce and Pride In Our Workplace – all organizations dedicated to achieving lived equality for LGBT+ people and their families. She lives in Boston, with her two dogs, Ginger and Foxy.

Makeeba Browne

Makeeba Browne, originally from Brooklyn, NY, is a strategy consultant and facilitator with a wide range of experience working across multiple sectors. Makeeba is an alumnus of Dickinson College where she was the recipient of the Posse scholarship and part of the first Posse to be selected and has certifications in grant writing, yoga instruction, and flexibility training. Makeeba helps organizations develop both internal and external operating strategies that align their missions, visions, and goals with their policies, procedures, and growth trajectories. Makeeba is particularly passionate about climate change, youth development, storytelling, and wellness. She has worked with a variety of organizations including non-profits, foundations, corporations, and higher education institutions that are committed to increasing diverse representation in all of their functions, and ensuring multiple perspectives are incorporated into decision-making. Makeeba’s work centers alignment between what we value and what we practice. Her climate change, youth development, and wellness projects have extended to Brazil, India, Mexico, and the UK. 


Makeeba believes that the stories we tell ourselves, and the stories we tell the world about who we are lead to the most powerful outcomes. By assessing the stories of both individuals and organizations, Makeeba witnesses working narratives and highlights points of adjustment that help organizations and individuals make changes towards attaining their most ideal visions. As an avid supporter of climate change mitigation efforts, she centers sustainable living in all of her practices. Makeeba defines sustainable living as optimal ways of being in relationship with ourselves, with others, and with the planet. Sustainable living mitigates harm in all relations, is innately restorative and is rooted in equity. Makeeba believes that bodies and the spaces they occupy should be sites for sustainable living and centers this notion in all of her work.  

Makeeba works to bring concepts of sustainable living and racial equity to wellness spaces and the ways that health and environmental disparities affect women of color. She is a writer, a voracious consumer of books, and uses all of her skills to envision and work towards a liberatory future rooted in justice for all.

Jamie Bergeron